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Summer holidays

The summer holidays can be a great chance to spend time with friends and have some time off. But sometimes it can feel a bit lonely or you might miss the routine you have when you're in school.

Hello summer

I love summer written in sandYour summer holidays can be a really exciting time - you might have a holiday booked which you have been looking forward to, or you might be excited about spending more time with your family and friends.

The summer holidays can also be a great time for trying out new things or starting projects or activities that you didn't have as much time to do while you were at school. With the warmer weather and having a holiday from school, you might feel like you don't want your summer holidays to end!

The holidays can be a difficult time for some young people - you might feel lonely and miss the routine of being in school, or you might feel like your friends are going on holiday to different places, and you are staying at home. You might also be feeling sad or unsure about moving up into secondary school or college. However you feel, talking about it can really help. You can speak to ChildLine about anything that is worrying you or on your mind - we are always here to listen.

Feeling lonely

It is normal to feel lonely sometimes over the summer holidays, or to feel sad or down. Sometimes it can be difficult when you suddenly have a different routine, and it can take some time to get used to it. You might miss seeing your friends every day at school or you might miss some of your after-school activities, which can sometimes close during the holidays.

If you are feeling lonely or would like someone to talk to, you can contact ChildLine anytime. You could also try speaking to a friend that you trust, as there is a good chance that they might be feeling similarly.

You can read more about feeling lonely in our Explore section, or you could read what other young people are saying on the loneliness message board. The most important thing if you are feeling alone or down is not to keep it all to yourself. 



Not getting along

It can also be difficult if you don't get along very well with your family and because you are home more during the holidays, you might find you argue more.

It's normal for families not to get along with each other sometimes. Every family has problems from time to time, even if they are usually happy and don't often argue. If you are worried about your family arguing you could talk to your parents or carers about how you feel. They might not realise that you are worried about it.


Young people sitting on a sofa with their feet touchingThe summer can be a time where you might start new relationships or get a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time. This can be really exciting, but can be scary too.

It's normal to have worries about it and what will happen in the future.

Taking a chance is part of life and it's also part of relationships, but it's important to stay safe and happy.

You can read more about being in a new relationship, about sexual health, and how to talk about sex in our Explore section.

You can also post a message in the sex and relationships message board.


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Summer holidays